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Advanced Power Protection for PCs, Workstations and Small or Large Servers

Front panel line indicators and alarms tell you:

  • Line Condition
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Battery Operation
  • Output Overload
  • Batteries Warning
  • Alarm Silence Button
Many models are available or we can custom design a system to fit any need, however large or small.

Why Worry?

Even the smallest disruption in electrical power can cause damage to a computer, a network, or other sensitive electronic equipment such as point of sale and process control equipment. At the very least, power problems can cause unexpected shutdowns and damaged equipment. At the worst, "bad power" can cause data loss or destroy equipment.

Always connect your sensitive electronic equipment to a UPS. Problems such as blackouts cannot be eliminated, but the damage they cause can be prevented with a UPS, which maintains a steady flow of electricity until the system can be safely, automatically shut down.

"There can be no compromise in the quality of products and services we provide."
-Jeff Bittner, President & CEO
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